2 thoughts on “Volunteers needed for the Iconic Christmas Kettle Campaign

  1. Hi my name is Kim I’m 46 yr old female living in a $1000 dollar motel RM I can’t afford as I only get $1200 monthly from ofsp.. I cant live with other people like rooming houses or shared accommodation like room in a house like student rentals due to PTSD from assaults and I can’t find anywhere affordable.. I.am Willing to live in Niagara falls, st Catharines,or thorold, not Welland for personal reasons. I am on the nth waiting list but as u know that is a huge wait and I starving after paying rent and having to eat out daily due to no cooking appliances.. I would prefer st Catharines or thorold.. I have to give notice to my worker and hotel if I find a place already payed January rent here so a place for February 1st would be ideal please can u help me my name is Kim Canning and my phone number is 289 969 6320. Email kimcanning10@gmail.com thank you


  2. Just wondering what you guys do and when you come to Lundy’s lane Niagara falls I’m at the Niagara Inn and suites and need help with finding places for meals as Victoria Avenue is to far for me also on house arrest and can only go out Fridays from 3 to 7 pm.. I need help also with clothing and housing as I’m paying $1000 month rent for hotel room and only get $1200 ODSP can’t cook here so have to get take out and end up starving halfway through the month I can’t rent a room in a house as I have PTSD trauma and can’t handle living in spaces with other people need my own space on nrp waiting list but just got on and told up to 10 yr wait but I’m considered homeless status so might knock me up the list a bit I can’t continue living like this and am considering going to a shelter because I am hungry all the time what stops me is having to be in shared rooms which triggers extreme panic attacks and nightmares please any help I can get would be appreciated my rent is paid from January but would like a place affordable like a bachelor’ or something for February as I can’t live another month on 200 dollars please help me


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