New Truck!


What a journey this old truck has been on! The truck was gifted to us by Harold Ballard Foundation in August 2004. It was originally used 3 nights a week in St.Catharines to provide ministry and food to the community in the most needed areas. Sandwiches, water and goodies (Donated by Costco) were given out. It took a community to make this possible. Kitchen staff at the Booth Centre made sandwiches for one evening, and the other days food was prepared by volunteers. The truck was also used to respond to many emergency situations in the Niagara Region.

The program was expanded to deliver services throughout the Niagara Region with the assistance of the Niagara Region Homelessness funding in 2011. The Niagara Mobile Outreach Program was designed to be a visible response to people living on the streets and or at risk of homelessness. We have been blessed with continued supports from the communities, community partners and volunteers. We are EXCITED to be out in our NEW truck tonight!!!!!




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