Send your Kids TO CAMP!

The Salvation Army Community and Family Services, Niagara Region currently have spots available for our summer kids camps!

Salvation Army camping programs aim to meet health, spiritual, educational, social and recreational needs through a creative, safe and fun experience. While children are surrounded by the wonders of nature they develop socially, learn new skills such as canoeing and rock climbing, and increase their competence in swimming, crafts and music (to name a few).

Some kids arrive at camp afraid. Others arrive with poor social skills. Some have few clothes to bring up, while some are loaded down with worries about problems at home. At camp they accomplish things they never thought were possible.

If you are interested in sending your child/children to camp (subsidies may be available). Please contact the following for your community:

St. Catharines, Beamsville, Grimsby, Thorold

Vi Callahan     935-935-4311

Welland, Port Colborne

Cheryl Moore   905-735-5700

Fort Erie, Crystal Beach and surrounding area

Elliott Innes    905-871-1592

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