Helping the Homeless Become Housed: Matthew 25

For the homeless, becoming housed presents new challenges to be overcome. One of the biggest is furnishing their new accommodations. Furnishing an apartment with the most basic furniture and kitchenware costs much more money than someone who has lived on the streets can afford.

Niagara is fortunate to have Matthew 25, an organization that helps those in need to set up their household with basic household items. Some of the things they provide include towels, bedding, dishes, pots and pans, beds and appliances. Matthew 25 relies on the generosity of the community for their donations and has helped over 2000 people in Niagara get established in their new accommodations.

Community partners like Matthew 25 and others are vital in helping the homeless become successfully housed. From the time a homeless person enters the system to the time they are housed, many organizations work together to provide their support. Everyone does their part to ensure a person’s success during their journey from homeless to housed.

For more information on Matthew 25, visit their website at

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